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What To Expect at Horizon Chiropractic

Your First Visit

Some of the questions we aim to answer in your complimentary consultation are:

During this first visit, we’ll step you through:

  • Filling out some simple new patient paperwork
  • Your complimentary consultation
  • A comprehensive and thorough physical examination
  • And X-rays, if needed

You can expect to be here for 45 minutes to 1 hour on your first visit.

Second Visit

We’ll have you return for a second visit as soon as possible – preferably the next day. During this visit we will:

  • Present a report detailing your condition
  • Begin your treatment so you can be on your way to better health

Third Visit

We’ll take some time to discuss these important details:

  • Explain our plan to correct your problems and keep you healthy
  • The associated costs and financial plans

And then you’ll be free to come in and follow that care plan quickly and easily. Adjustments take literally just a few minutes, so at this point your visits will be very brief.

Moving Toward Wellness

You can choose to benefit from chiropractic care for as long as you like, or as little as you feel you need. The benefits of prevention with spinal health are similar to the benefits of prevention with dental health – when you brush your teeth, you’re less likely to need to see the dentist with problems down the road.

We offer spinal health classes periodically for our patients who are eager to learn more about health and chiropractic.

Call Horizon Chiropractic at (847) 658-8541 to schedule an appointment, or to ask about our spinal health classes.

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