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Horizon Chiropractic Can Help

Who Do We Help?

We really like to help people who want to get better – people who want to improve without drugs, medications and surgery.

Family baking togetherSome of the cases we specialize in include:

  • headaches and neck pains
  • women and children
  • athletes who want to improve performance
  • sports-related injuries
  • low back pain and sciatica

Healthy Moms and Babies Begin with Chiropractic

Dr. Schaufler is certified as a pediatric chiropractor by the International Chiropractic Pediatrics Association (ICPA). In addition to special training specific to children, her ICPA certification has prepared her to care for pregnant and nursing moms through the duration of their pre- and post-partum time.

I enjoy working with moms, helping them have a wonderful pregnancy and labor and delivery, and to remain healthy throughout.

Chiropractic is important during pregnancy. Some expectant moms are more comfortable with a female doctor – even a chiropractor who is a mother herself – during this exciting time of change and memories. We think you’ll be pleased with Dr. Schaufler’s knowledge and personal perspective.

Chiropractic Can Help You Get Back Into the Swing of Things

Dr. Hallum has a special interest in helping people overcome their acute or chronic health conditions. ” I had a skiing injury similar to the injuries we see a lot of, and I can sympathize with what patients are going through, ” he says. Dr Hallum has extensive training in a variety of chiropractic treatment techniques, as well as McKenzie Method, acupuncture, and nutrition. He can customize treatment to meet the needs of each individual. Some of the injuries he commonly treats include: disc injury, pain or numbness in the arms and legs, neck pain, shoulder and elbow injuries.

Want to know more about how we can help you? Call Horizon Chiropractic with questions or to schedule an appointment.

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