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Horizon Chiropractic Chiropractic Techniques

Horizon Chiropractic Techniques

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How Do We Deliver Chiropractic Care?

We’re skilled in a variety of adjusting techniques – some manual and some which utilize instruments. We decide which techniques will be best for each patient based on:

  • Your condition
  • Your body, age, and health

Not all conditions should be treated the same way with all patients. We always take your comfort and your individual needs into consideration, so that we can achieve the best results. Different people will respond better to different techniques, or a combination of the following:

Diversified Technique

Most people will benefit from the quick, precise, and low-force thrusts our doctors are trained to deliver as manual chiropractic adjustments. If you’re concerned about pain or noises you might hear with this type of adjustment, we’ll be happy to explain the procedure and help you become comfortable with the procedure, or use a different approach. Read More»

Thompson Technique

Drop tables can assist in delivering the thrust that adjusts your spinal joints or other joints. The procedure is still every bit as specific as with a Diversified adjustment, but with gravity doing some of the work as the drop table moves, you feel less pressure during the thrust. This technique can be helpful when less force is desired or for patient comfort. Read More»

McKenzie Method

Some patients respond better to repetitive movements prescribed and taught specifically to address their condition. Using this method, the doctors will assess you, instruct you in the movements, and ensure you are going through them correctly. You may be instructed to repeat these sequences of movements when you’re not in the office, and this method may be combined with other treatments to achieve the best results.

Therapy Modalities

We offer a variety of therapy modalities to assist your body in healing.  These include muscle stimulation therapy, ultrasound, heat, ice, stretching and strengthening exercises.

Activator Method®

An activator tool is used to deliver an even lower force adjustment than is felt with hands-on manual adjustments or with adjustments on a drop table. The tool still delivers a precise adjustment to a specific joint, and is highly effective, but many people consider it to be a more gentle adjusting method. It can put new patients who are wary at ease – all you will experience is hearing a click and feeling a slight pressure. Read More»

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