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Meet Dr. Ryan Hallum

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I love to help people. When a patient comes to our office and can’t play with their kids, work or participate in their hobbies due to back pain it bothers me. It is very rewarding to help patients get better and enjoy and active lifestyle.

Experiencing the Effects of Care

“While I was in junior high, I was still wetting the bed at night. I had consulted with numerous medical doctors with no results. My parents took me to the chiropractor, and with treatment, I stopped wetting the bed.” I was also a wrestler in high school and was getting injured frequently. When I would go to the chiropractor I would be able to wrestle again without pain.

Chiropractic Education

Dr. Hallum earned his Doctor of Chiropractic from Northwestern Health Sciences. While there he experienced the aha moment of having his elbow pain go away after receiving chiropractic care. In addition to his doctorate, Dr. Hallum is certified in the following:

Helping Patients Enjoy Peak Health

When you first meet Dr. Hallum you’ll quickly recognize that he’s a positive person who is committed to providing patients with exceptional care. He also wants patients to know that health is fluid and you can make choices to have better health or make choices that result in poor health.

When we make better choices such as exercising, eating healthily and getting adjusted, the more we move toward better health.


Outside the Practice

When he’s not at the practice, Dr. Hallum enjoys spending time with his wife Dr. Schaufler and their two children Katelyn and Brady. He also likes running, biking, golfing and spending time outdoors.

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