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Nutrition at Horizon Chiropractic

Who Can Be Helped With Nutritional Counseling?

Bag full of veggiesWe’re trained to help you address nutritional issues resulting from:

  • A deficiency in your health or diet
  • A stress on your body which is contributing to poor health

These issues can be addressed through dietary changes and the addition of nutritional supplements, specific to your individual needs.

How is Horizon Chiropractic Different?

We tailor each one-on-one nutritional counseling session to the needs of that individual and their body. We go through a process of checking what is beneficial for you specifically. Just because two people have the same health condition, or even the same nutritional deficiency, doesn’t mean those things should be addressed the same way in each person. Certainly doses will differ from person to person, but the entire approach can differ, depending on a number of factors.

We monitor your progress and improvement as you integrate into your life the dietary changes and supplements we recommend. Our goal with nutrition is to improve the health of EACH CELL in your body. As your body uses the nutrition we add and creates healthier cells, your body will begin to not need as much of the supplements as when we started the process of improvement.

Our goal is not to get you taking supplements for life, but to improve your cellular health strategically by adapting our approach as changes happen in your body.

Will My Health Insurance Pay For Nutritional Counseling?

Insurance companies do not cover nutritional services or supplements. There is a fee for the initial nutritional evaluation and a visit fee for each new nutritional evaluation or checkup. We stock and order supplements, which carry additional costs.

Would you like to learn more about the nutrition services we provide? Contact Horizon Chiropractic today.

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