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Highly Efficient

Thank you for taking the time to help me. I found your practice highly efficient, friendly, and most of all genuinely caring.

– Phyllis E.

Top Notch!

First experience with chiropractic care and the service and treatment at Horizon Chiropractic is top notch!

– Winston Y.

Very Caring

All personnel at Horizon Chiropractic – physicians and staff – are very caring and focused on healing patients. I would highly recommend Horizon Chiropractic to family and friends!

– Lori Y.

Feeling Confident About My Health

In just a few visits I had less pain – With the help of Dr. Hallum, I’m feeling confident and optimistic about my health and overall well being.

– Jena H.

I’m Very Happy

I’m very happy with the care I am receiving, and have improved after only a few weeks of treatment. In addition, Dr. Schaufler has done an excellent job of explaining my X-rays and her suggested treatment. All of the office staff are professional, friendly and helpful. I look forward to my appointments and would highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for quality care.

– Laura P.

Courteous And Professional Staff

Extremely courteous and professional staff. Before I began to see Dr. Jennifer Schaufler, I was going to a pain clinic for injections in my back, and taking pain medications and using a walker. I no longer need medication, injections, or assistance when I am walking. I never imagined I would feel this good, and almost completely pain free.

– Marilyn P.

Very Positive

I’ve had many visits to Horizon Chiropractic but in a way, each visit is like the first. Dr. Hallum takes his time to find out how my body is feeling on that day and responding to treatment. He takes great care in explaining the interaction of various spinal nerves with the body as a whole so not only is it a healing process, it’s also educational. In addition, the staff at Horizon Chiropractic are consistently cheerful, helping to cultivate a very positive environment, and always a pleasure to visit. I would recommend Horizon Chiropractic to anyone I know seeking chiropractic care.

– Ben S.


I have seen both Dr. Hallum and Dr Schaufler and find both of them helpful, kind and totally professional. They have moved me to a better state of health and I have a high appreciation for both them and their staff.

– Kathy V.

Great Knowledge Of Good Health

This office has great knowledge of not only chiropractic skills but overall expert knowledge of good health in your body I would highly recommend this team of doctors and staff. I do believe that if there is something that’s physically bothering you that they can help.

– Mike T.


The doctors and staff at Horizon Chiropractic are fantastic second to none! I highly recommend them to anyone in search of chiropractic or acupuncture treatment whether it is for acute or chronic issues, or simply an ongoing preventive maintenance program. The mix of professionalism and friendliness is a rare find indeed!

– Andrew R.

Monthly Maintenance Appointments Keep Me In Tip Top Shape

I have been with Dr. Hallum since 2005 and have been with him ever since. I got through several seasons of racing with Horizon in my training plans which includes 5ks to marathons and sprint to ironman distance triathlons. My monthly maintenance appointment keeps me in tip top shape. Thanks Dr. Hallum.

– Rebecca R.

Good Results

I have been a patient here for years now and have always had good results with pain management. I’m on monthly wellness adjustments now and will continue forever if that’s what it takes! I have never had as good results as I have had at Horizon Chiropractic.

– Leah M.


I will always be grateful to Dr. Hallum for the excellent care he provided my sister. He extended her life far beyond what the medical experts predicted.

– Bonnie M.

Extremely Beneficial

Becoming a patient of Horizon Chiropractic has been extremely beneficial to my overhaul health. My medical background has been made complete through the exceptional care and explanations during my therapy. Thank you all for the extremely excellent care!

– Tony M.

Friendly And Helpful

Every visit it’s a pleasure to come to your office. Everyone is very friendly and helpful. Dr. Jennifer is always able to help me and with my adjustments I come away feeling like a new person! See you next month! I love my maintenance plan!

– Martha F.

Nutrition Testing

Horizon Chiropractic found the root cause through the nutrition testing and I am so pleased to say that my little man, whom now is 3, has not had any stomach or skin issues! (As long as he stays away from his sensitivities)

– Becky D.


You can tell that Dr. Hallum cares! I think he really is fantastic. I have also said this, but I want to be sure that the doctor understands, it is the staff that gives the first impression and without a doubt they really are the very important piece to this practice. So to sum up, with the great Dr. Hallum, Lisa, Jaime and Sonia, if it were not for the gems that you are I would not be coming!

– Annette D.


Dr. Ryan and his staff are outstanding. I felt so much better after seeing him and going through our treatment plan together. It’s like good grooming now and part of my monthly health routine. I see him once every three weeks and love our visits! Thanks for helping me feel better Dr. Ryan!

– Sven B.

Feel Better After Adjustment

I always feel better after a visit for an adjustment or acupuncture. The staff is friendly and personal, and the doctors are kind and knowledgeable. I drive an hour every appointment just to continue my care at Horizon Chiropractic!

– Khouri B.


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